War Is For Morons


Russia in Ukraine

You take an empty jar off of the shelf and bring it to a machine that is hooked up to a man. Tubes run from his arms, legs, and neck to the machine. You place the jar into a receptacle and turn the machine on. Blood instantly runs through the tubes and into the machine. The jar starts filling up after a moment. When full the machine is turned off and you screw a lid on the jar and place it among many others on a different shelf. Those are full also. You take another empty jar and repeat the process. This is going to be Ukraine after the war. The role of you? Well that’s going to be played by NATO members.

Oh look another big war. Only this time the Russians gave themselves permission. To be honest, the amount of money, that the US and other NATO countries are going to make on lend-lease contracts with Ukraine for military hardware, is already mind-boggling. Oh, sorry, did you honestly feel that they were doing it for free? No, they’re going to be sucking on the Ukraine economic teat after the war for decades. Ukrainians will be rid of one murderous nation only to embrace others.

Yes, Ukraine deserves to defend itself against aggression and obviously the help they get shouldn’t be absolutely free. However, when this is over, and the rebuilding begins, you will see major westernisation of Ukraine to the point where western corporations will operate in Ukrainian with regulatory freedom. That is how contracts and business works. You see someone in dire straights, offer help that they can’t refuse, and force them to agree to a contract designed to bleed them of wealth.

This is why I led-in with the horror scene. For some reason no one is daring to think about that reality. No, I am not backing up Russia. If you know me you know that it’s impossible to think of that government with anything but thorough contempt. But, for some reason we are completely forgetting/ignoring the oil wars the US & NATO have started, or responded to, that are still being bled by western capitalism.

Don’t get me wrong, Russia doesn’t get to bitch about that. In my opinion the moment you choose violence over dialogue you lose any right to voice. And it doesn’t matter that one of the reasons expressed is perfectly frakking valid. I would have sided with Russia if they hadn’t invaded Ukraine and decided to open dialogue about the real issue of capitalism destroying world wealth. Well, that’s where I stand on Russia. I’ve also expressed my opinions on the US’s tool, NATO so I don’t need to repeat.

Siphoning money from sovereign nations is very much like my opening. Only the blood that is flowing is not being collected and placed on a shelf… it’s soaking Ukrainian ground and fills bank accounts with manifest self interest.


the Saskatchewan Government is Racist to the Core

Remains of another 200 children found in mass grave at THIRD Canada school after 1,000 bodies ...

I included Trudeau only because I know that just the look of him triggers racist dicks.

Canada has an anti-racism toolkit that is funded by the federal government. All the other provinces adopted the tool kit in their education systems with British Columbia adopting it heartily. Even Alberta, a habitually racist province, adopted it without complaining. Except Saskatchewan. Let that sink in a bit, as many of the native children were harvested by Saskatchewan and murdered by Saskatchewan. So, let’s be fair and go over their reasoning.

“high quality, free from bias as reasonably possible”

Exactly what kind of high quality are you really looking for, Sask? This is a toolkit that was researched and developed because we have a racism problem in Canada. I lived in Saskatchewan for nearly 2 decades and the number of times I heard racial slurs was appalling.

Protesters march through downtown Regina | CTV News

I include this one because I volunteered for the RCMP Training Office in Regina. They are not trained to do this to people. It is a culture that is adopted after the RCMP officer is released into the wild. I also know that guy in the top right. He’s a cool dude.

“appropriate and significant Saskatchewan context.”

Okay, let’s do this in context. 761 dead native children found in Southern Saskatchewan, and the RCMP regular practice of driving native people out on “starlight tours” and dropping them off in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan winter. Many of them died. There. Is that mentioning Saskatchewan enough “appropriate and significant Saskatchewan context” for you? Or were you really looking to have your province’s record of racial murder ignored and hidden from future generations that you hope to mould into little racists? Or is this because you feel you’re being put in a negative light? Is that uncomfortable for you? Good!

The only reason the Saskatchewan government doesn’t want to adopt anti-racism education in school is because the Saskatchewan government is racist… in context.

Peace Rex

I Feel a Bit Insulted


Flag of Russia

I feel kind of insulted, to be totally, unreservedly, honest with you. When I was a young adult in the Canadian Reserves we were all about how we need to stay on the ball with the Russians. We were told that they were nearly 100% mechanized and we took that shit seriously enough to have mechanized units just to keep up with those fearsome Russians. We were given combat stats for their equipment, assuming that they maintained them well. I mean it was the frakking military, so it just made basic sense.

Well, now it’s some decades later and I look at the fearsome Russians and realise that there was nothing to fear. We weren’t just keeping up with the Vladimirovs we were blowing them away in efficiency, training, equipment, upkeep and literally every aspect of warfare. I started questioning their capabilities when I found that of the probes sent to Mars that went missing, failed, or otherwise never got to perform their missions, were Russian probes. Yes there are a few from NASA, bu there are not enough to come close to Russia’s failures in space. Finding out that the first man in space nearly died due to equipment failures, that they had space shuttles that were allowed to rust away, that they blamed their launching of a satellite backwards was sabotage and not their basic incompetence, nailed that coffin lid shut.

Missing Soviet Soldier Found Alive In Afghanistan After 33 Years : The Two-Way : NPR

We now know that they were never prepared to invade beyond a few hundred kilometres beyond their borders. We found that their tanks, APCs and other vehicles were never maintained and that the budget money for maintenance was never spent on maintenance. We discovered that their soldiers just aren’t trained to fight.

Belokorovichi Nuclear Missile Silo Complex, Central Bunker… | Flickr

So, if every other aspect of post Soviet military has such a high rate of failure, why on earth would we continue to take stock in repeated threats of nuclear weapons from Putin? I would bet that the inflated numbers of their official arsenal is padded with a great many missiles that hadn’t worked for 20 years or more. Of those some may still be able to leave their silos without blowing up, some won’t go beyond the Russian border, others that do will fail to detonate, and the remainder will be taken out by NATO air defence. So tell me, why I shouldn’t feel utterly insulted by the idea that Russia was ever a threat.

Peace, Rex

Trapdoor Episode 5 – Cosmic Dreams


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OEL Wishes All Women A Wonderful Day

I would prefer that women be respected every day of the year, but because my gender is thick AF we still have to remind them at leat one day a year, other than mothers day, to acknowledge that all women, not just mothers, deserve better.  I would be very happy when no special days for anyone are needed.