Regarding Personal Views


Let me lead-in by stating right off the bat that the One Eyed Lemon is NOT a news source.  The Lemon expresses concerns, musings, ideas that drop out of Richard Rester’s head.  You, as a follower, reader, occasional viewer of Lemon material, aren’t required to believe what I write.  You are allowed to be entertained if you are, engage the Lemon in dialogue if you wish and generally do whatever you want.  Seriously how can I stop you?  

You don’t even need to understand what I write if you choose not to.  I put my material out there for me first, just because it suits me.  Of course I will express the truth I see logically.  When I see questionable truth, or lazy thinking, I may address the issue sternly, comically or just matter-of-factly.  I may or may not write about what you feel is more important and you may, on occasion, feel insulted.  Generally, if you do feel this way it is likely because you may see yourself as the subject of Lemon ridicule.  Such feelings, though unfortunate, are a clue to you that self reflection may be required on your part.  You may choose to alter your beliefs, or not, and either choice is fine.  The Lemon is not here to satisfy anyone’s ego, it just is.  So, if one is embarrassed, insulted or otherwise incensed by and with my expression of views and opinions it’s purely a personal choice on the part of that person.

Recently the lemon has become more activist.  Given the state the nation is in – due to those who were in control of it – I felt it necessary to do so.  You aren’t required to read, listen, watch or agree with what is expressed here, and I don’t apologize for anything previously posted.  In fact, more often you won’t agree with my political views, and again, that’s fine.  But now that the election is over it is time for the Lemon to return to a less political platform.  I’ll still be watching what’s going on, however.  

I am one of those rare people who is in a constant state of self reflection and reassessment.  I’ve learned to be this way because I have always been told I was wrong.  After decades of constant exposure to the possibility it is now a part of who I am.  However, over the last score of years I have found that my logic is very sound most of the time.  In a world where so many people get things so far from correct I see myself as one of the only true sensible people left.  So, if the question have you considered that you may be wrong ever comes to mind, the answer is yes.  And I would sternly reply, have you?  It seems to me that everyone expects others to adjust their views and self reflect while they themselves never have to.

In light of all the above I have to suggest that you try questioning yourself more.  Look into yourself from outside yourself.  Look for those opinions you’ve held as absolute truth and try to understand how they came to be.  Take your ego and lock it away for awhile because that illogical aspect of self is only going to get in the way and mislead you.  Pull your head out of the dirt, out of your rear, because that is the only way you can ever be honest with yourself.  Because if you cannot do this, if you cannot be honest with yourself… then you cannot be honest with others.
As always, peace…

Guilt Sharing


The pattern has been around for about as long as Facebook.  You see a meme that tells you to share it if you like kittens, so you share it.  It makes sense if you like kittens.  But, what if you really don’t care about kittens?  Do you share anyway because you would be viewed as an evil person if you don’t, as if not spreading a picture with words is the deciding factor?  Doing so would simply make you dishonest.  If you don’t have the affinity for kittens you shouldn’t be judged as wanting to drop a sack full of them in the river.  This is the classic, and too prevalent guilt share.  

The fact is, even if you do love kittens as the second coming you still don’t have to share it.  In fact, just by sharing everything that tells you to share you are actually spamming your contact list.  You see, what happens is; Jeff shares a picture of a Ford F150 that tells you if you like trucks to share it.  So, you and everyone in your contact list that likes the Ford F150, and a few who don’t but share anyway due to peer pressure, share it.  That goes into the Facebook feed of everyone in your contact list.  Now, imagine that Samantha shares that kitten meme and the same thing happens, it gets shared and ends up in everyone’s feed.  Let’s pretend Ted shared a meme about black metal, same deal.  Follow me so far?  Good.  Now imagine being one of the weirdos in your list that is actually most interested in astronomy and science.  That weirdo actually gets all the astronomy and science news in their feed diluted with demands that he share pictures of kittens, trucks, people with black and white facepaint, minions, pleas from exiled princes in African nations, and many many more.  

It gets very frustrating.  You don’t want to unfollow your friends, because they’re your friends… aren’t they?  And really, one should not have to make up special subsets of one’s feed just to get what is wanted.  We don’t all like the same things and I certainly would never expect others to be interested in the same things I am.  I definitely do not blame them for having their own interests.  Even if I ever get to the point of requesting a share, I’m not offended if you don’t.  You are my friend, not my minion.

Okay, I’m not saying you should stop requesting shares, if indeed it is a request and not a demand followed by harsh judgement if I don’t.  I, personally, don’t share anything.  It is a rule of mine, with an occasional once-a-year exception.  But, when I don’t it is not that I hate kittens, trucks, or black metal.  If I don’t share your meme that demands me to if I like you, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you.  It only means I’m sick to death of demands that I share, distracting me from what I want and need and diluting my feed with pointless sharing.  Even though some of you may be a bit narcissistic with memes like “I want to see how many of my friends are real friends, share if you’re a real friend”… I still like you and you are still a real friend.  The status of a friendship does not rely upon a picture with words on Facebook, but on the hearts and minds of the people themselves.

Not All Said and Done


All Has Been Said and Done

And now we have a majority Liberal government.  Enough of us came together to throw a tyrant, cheat, criminal etc. out of office.  We saw the evidence, and voted smart.  But, I still have concerns.  I worry because the amount of damage Harper did to our country will take a hell of a long time to fix.  So, this whole pattern of ditching the Liberals before any significant fixing can be done, just will not wash this time around.  The public’s memory must extend beyond 5 or even 10 years.  Those of us who have suffered, and will continue to suffer until some normality is returned, cannot forget what the CPC under Harper has done.  Because we have shown that we are capable of paying attention, in the next 4 years I expect more intelligence from us Canadians.  I expect us to watch the Liberals closely, read the bills and amendments they propose (not just believe what the politicians tell us), and weigh that information against logic and reason.  I especially expect us to watch the Conservatives.  As official opposition their job will be to challenge the Liberal government on their decisions.  More importantly, I expect us to understand that they will do everything, say anything, manipulate what they can, in order to get back in control of our government.  

The Last 10 Years…

… has shown us a Canada that is the scorn of the international community.  The human rights violations, environmental belligerency and racist leanings has driven millions of us to not vote for who we feel are the best people to run things.  Instead, we have voted in a way that I find distasteful.  Personally my options were limited to one, he who was closer to beating the Conservative candidate in my riding.  As in previous elections I would have liked to have had that internal debate in my head about who in my mental list better deserved my X.  But I wasn’t able to do that.  

It Sucks That

I have had my rights arbitrarily taken away, been viewed as a potential terrorist for standing up for the environment and for the little people.  I have been made to expend much of the effort, I would have normally spent on more lighthearted endeavors, on speaking out against my government and everything it stood for.  And this is not the end of that either.  Because as mentioned above, I am still watchdogging and will continue to do so, because there is no trust left in me to give any politician or political party.  

Still Watching

How can this state of mind be a healthy thing?  How is it that, even though the tyrant is out, that I still fear my government?  Can we really breath a sigh of relief?  Or should we temper that sigh with the knowledge that the choices that can either bring us back from the edge of international asshole, or drive us further into that dark place, haven’t been made yet?  We have promises only.

I’m watching because I still fear, and because a vote is not a silver bullet.  Yes, harper is gone and I’m glad for that.  But he came to power because of ignorance and the pathetic state of our voters mindset at the time.  Are we smarter now?  Maybe.  Are we all going to watch from now on so that a repetition of the last 10 years won’t happen?  Maybe.  Regardless, it is the politician’s job to serve us.  It is our job to make sure that they do.

Thank You

I am proud of those who came out to vote, to aim their silver bullet at Harper, to correct the mistake we made.  I am proud that large populations of citizens had ditched ignorance and passive capitulation.  Thank you to everyone who came out and exercised one of the remaining rights we have left.  

Ditch Harper Day

 photo 11742829_728799470579215_4344326890101723579_n.jpg

It’s Ditch Harper Day.  Also known as V-Day, DH-Day and Get That Lousy Excuse for a Human Being out of the Big Office Day.  Okay, I made all those up.  But what isn’t made up is the damage Harper has done to our country, and how much more damage he can do if he manages to get in again.  We’ve had this asshole screwing us for nearly 10 years.  I’m not talking to those who will vote CPC anyway, you’re all idiots and a lost cause.  I’m talking to those those of you who have yet to decide who else to vote fore.  Be smart and find out who else has the best chance in winning your riding and vote for that bloke.  It doesn’t matter if you have misgivings about whoever that may be. Because if you’ve been paying attention you already know that you should have misgivings about any politician.  Let’s do this together for a better Canada.  Like the leader of the Yangs said in Star Trek TOS, “what was ours, is ours again”.  Yes a Star Trek Reference, that’s right.


Culling Your Friends List

 photo 10632828_866699226681543_7771518263974794543_n.jpg

Certain things get forgiven and overlooked because they’re friends.  We often try to reason with them on the same grounds.  Sometimes an issue arises that forces us to take a closer look at why we try to keep them as friends.  Invariably, that issue becomes the proverbial straw that broke the back of a once healthy camel.  For me the niquab is that issue.  It has sparked a cascade of racism from people I never realized were that bigoted. And maybe it’s not just the racism that gets to you.  Maybe it’s the feeling of associative guilt, or the embarrassment that gives you pause and makes you rethink your friendship.  Either way, you know things won’t improve, though some of us keep trying.  

So, this is my question: when is it appropriate to end a friendship with someone too stupid, and bigoted to associate with; when do you call it quits?  Now, I’m not talking about race jokes.  They’re jokes, I get that.  We’re humans, and as such it’s healthy to create a little fun out of what we don’t understand or agree with.  I’m also not talking about small things, those little comments that fly through all our heads.  Things like, “damned packy” and “go back to… [insert country of assumed origin]”.  All we know are the visual indicators.  Our brains have the compulsive need to fill in the blanks.  So, I’m not talking about the small innocuous things.

I’m talking about the real meat of it, the people who complain about job theft from foreigners.  Those who bitch about people who choose a cultural icon, one that’s been around longer than our nation, to be the focus of their anger, hatred, ignorance and fear.  Those that use freedom of speech to bully an entire culture based on little to no information.  

Do you remember bullies?  Those assholes you covered for because they’re better once you get to know them, or they you?  Remember the ones you accepted as a friend because you simply got used to the toxic stank?  With equal stupidity you’ve justified and made excuses for despicable behaviour that‘s inexcusable.  You’ve gotten used to it and whether or not you realize it you don’t care as much.  You don’t care because you’ve excused their backward-thinking, knuckle-dragging, idiocy for so long it’s become part of you to accept it.

Back to the question, the reason I brought this up.  Do you put up with substandard behaviour because it doesn’t really affect you?  Or, like me, do you feel everyone should be held to the same rules of ethics as everyone else?  Do you think that everyone should get a few chances to get it right?  Or, like me, do you feel that 3 chances only gives assholes 3 opportunities to do whatever they want with impunity?  

But, as they say, it’s a chance, a freebie, a gratis.  That’s how they work.  Okay, maybe I’m being a wee bit zealous.  Change can often be a very difficult thing.  It doesn’t make them bad people if they’re making an effort.  As soon as I finish such thoughts I realize, in full disappointing reality, that these are people that have to put effort into not being racist… and they’re failing at it.  This thought brings my angst right back.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or even family, the feeling of disgusted anger remains.

To answer the question, for myself at least, It has always been appropriate to ditch someone for being an unforgivably, intolerant, bunghole.  Maybe you knew all this already, but are too hopeful that your friends would eventually grow up, smarten up and man up.  Maybe they refuse to change because you’ll always be there to give them another chance.  Maybe your racist friends don’t give a flying bonobo to whom they direct their hatred.  And maybe they don’t give flying bonobo about your opinion.