Why Gormley and His Supporters Are Racists


Generally, discrimination is treating another person differently based on class, race, nation of origin, gender etc.  But discrimination doesn’t go far enough to describe the refusal to allow a group of people from Syria to live here in Canada.  It doesn’t come close, because one of the biggest reasons supporters of right wing, conservative ideology involves religion, specifically Islam.  It can be called cultural-ism, but no one uses that word, and it also does not come close either.  

cul·ture  (kŭl′chər)  n.

  1. The arts, religious beliefs, customs, institutions, and products of human thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group.

Culturalism does not properly encapsulate the dark thinking involved.  I’ll throw another definition at you:

racism (ˈreɪsɪzəm)  n

  1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.
  2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief.

Let me put the above definition in a more brief form, so you can see how all three definitions – culture, discrimination and racism – play into each other.  A racist discriminates the merit of another person as inferior, based on culture.  If you noticed, religious belief is a part of culture, and both culture and racism are encompassed by discrimination.  In this case the religious belief that is being discriminated against is, of course, Islam.  The people being discriminated against are the Muslim people.  The word racism is a rough word to use, and has been bantered around more and more often in arguments that have nothing to do with culture or discrimination.  Yet,it fits here.  

In the case of John Gormley and his followers it applies perfectly.  The prime argument used by them is that any one of the 25,000 people from Syria can be a terrorist.  Even though less than 1% of the entire planet’s compliment of professed Muslim people have been terrorists, Gormley and his crew do not want to help the unfathomable number of Muslims who are not.  They discriminate against these people based on their religious belief system, not on the jobs they may have had before their cities have been bombed by NATO, and certainly not on the education they may have, that can make them productive members of Canadian society.  Syrian refugees have been judged to be inferior and, by logical necessity, Gormley’s crew superior.  As stated, racism is a harsh judgement and it shouldn’t be used lightly, and without regard to the definition.  But when it applies so well, it cannot be denied.  



Off the Chest – You People

You people that keep attacking other people for appearing Muslim need to stop and take a close and brutal look at yourself.  You need to judge yourself by the same standards you are judging Muslims, Syrians and anyone darker of skin than yourself.  And yes, this is a racial issue, because the only people I have heard behaving so horribly are “white” people.  I have not heard that two Pakistani, Indian, Aboriginal or any other colour than your gifted pale beige, beating and spitting on people of colour.  You are doing this.  You are terrorizing people that have earned the right to live in this country.  You are treating people – that have been vetted, tested, pushed into debt the moment they got here, lived for the given number of years at less than minimum wage, doing jobs you don’t want and feel above, have put up with other racist, gifted, pale beige, knuckle-draggers – like complete and total feces.  You make the rest of us Canadians, those whose jaws drop when we hear what you do, feel less than Canadian ourselves; as if just associating ourselves with you by way of nation of residence makes us racists also… like we’re dirtied just by being Canadian.

I have recently been told how embarrassing I am for how I treat certain people online, how I soil my own name for showing the world what pathetic excuses for human beings some of you are.  But, you know something?  The person who, insensitively revealed this to me… is clearly wrong.  The only people that deserve the description of “embarrassing” are you people.  You regurgitate hate, false fact and idiocy, with the same zeal you profess to love a god of some form or another… or profess how proud you are to be Canadians.  You don’t bother to look over the fence to the other side, to see why we could possibly feel that you don’t even deserve the citizenship the rest of us hold so dear, that you don’t deserve to call yourselves “Canadian”.  You won’t bother, because there is some inner fear that the brutal, horror in which you treat those you unjustifiably hate will somehow show how brutally horrible you are.  No more facts.  Forget it, you won’t listen anyway, so I won’t waste my fingertips.  You aren’t Canadian, and I seriously doubt you know what it means to be one.  I am embarrassed to be in the same country as you, and I am embarrassed to have the same skin colour as you.  

I am more willing to befriend and help a person of darker skin… and that makes me more sad than you can imagine.  It makes me cry (literally) that I am starting to prejudge people who have the same colour of skin as I, that because of this I am feeling myself becoming racist too, but toward those whom you deem “your people”.  And I hate you for it.  I know hate is not the answer, but I feel it and have to admit it, because I do self-reflect, and I am emotionally and intellectually honest with myself, something you can never do.   You don’t even want to allow yourself to feel compassion for tens of thousands of people who would help you in a second if you were in their country of origin, people who would give you their last loaf of bread if you were hungry (and would go hungry themselves).  You don’t want to admit that any one of them (your words, not mine) are better human beings than you can ever be.

You are disgusting.  You are a monster.
Peace, for everyone but you


Gormley’s Folly


Bill C46, Section 319, of the Criminal Code of Canada states clearly that anyone who incites hatred in public, that runs the risk of causing a breach in the peace, earns that person up to 2 years in prison.  The tweet Mr. Gormley posted sounded exactly like the same kind of speech described in the link above.  Therefore, what Gormley tweeted was criminal according to the law of Canada.  

Supporters of John Gormley rail against the petitions that call for his resignation.  Some claim that we’re being too sensitive, while others claim the right of free speech.  First, sensitivity is an evolved human trait, too often confused with being overly emotional.  Simply put, it isn’t.  If you aren’t sensitive to others, then you are insensitive to others. It’s hard to say it without using four-letter sentence enhancers, but, if you are insensitive to others, I’m sorry, but you are not a good human being.  Secondly, the right of free speech is not a fuzzy area in Canadian law.  It is spelled out very clearly.  What Gormley wrote was inciteful and not insightful.  I understand the kneejerk that can cause one to think this way, but that is instinct not logic or reason.  As humans we have the ability to think in ways that overrides instinct.  Some of us just don’t.

We could call for his arrest and put him through a trial, but we aren’t asking for that.  Gormley’s resignation is an easy punishment that can be described as a compromise to keep him out of jail.  I’d like to say that, realistically, he wouldn’t actually suggest that we shoot someone for declaring that god is great, which is what allahu akbar means.  But, I have listened to his show before on a number of occasions and this is not the first time he has suggested violence as a solution.  The text of his tweet could have, and may still, cause any one of his supporters/listeners to shoot someone that yells allahu akbar.

Mr. Gormley’s apology is halfhearted at best and typical of the radio show host.  An apology, even if sincerely delivered is insufficient in light of the offending statement.  Those of us who, like our legal system, find such comments wholly wrong in a civilized society, aren’t looking for apologies.  As stated, we want his resignation.  Why?  Because he is a high profile celebrity whose words can cause some people to do exactly as his tweet suggested.  As many of his followers and himself has suggested many times on his show, an example must be made to show people that this kind of speech is unacceptable.


Eight Reasons and Rebuttals Re: Not Allowing Syrian Refugees Admission into Canada

That’s 25,000 jobs that will go to others while our people stand in the unemployment line.

That argument was never a good one from the beginning.  When new Canadians take on a job it is from the job base that usually always has openings.  These low-end jobs aren’t filled by a good number of us, which is why there are always openings.  Anyone of any skill level can do these jobs, while they work their way to whatever dream they may have.  

Our people are unemployed because of entirely different reasons that are irrelevant to this conversation.  Also, one of the best ways to grow an economy is to grow the population base.  As the 25,000 refugees get properly vetted and settled, a steady increase in the GDP will result, thus growing the economy and strengthening our country.

If just 1% of the 25,000 Syrians were terrorists that’s 250 potential terrorists that can get in.

Mathematics are, indeed, very useful… in most cases.  Sometimes math fails outright, like in the preceding argument.  Using pure math in a situation that requires a better-then-good measure of compassion is simply mad.  You wouldn’t find it fair if everyone in your line at the dance club wouldn’t be let in because one of you was ugly.  Right?

Those who use this argument are more likely ignoring the fact that we do have some pretty good screening.  There is no reason to assume that we wouldn’t be careful.  We’ve done this before.  Remember?  It was back before the Harper government… back before we, as members of NATO, and together with NATO, bombed the very homes of the 25,000 refugees some of us don’t want to let in.

If just one terrorist gets in they can do something very bad to us.

Again, we are pretty damned good at our screening.  If we weren’t, France-like attacks would be more common.  

They just threatened us!

Yes.  They’re always threatening us.  They’ve been threatening us ever since we dropped bombs on Iraq.  They threatened us through that whole occupation, through the second invasion of Iraq, through our presence in Afghanistan, through the air campaign on Libya, through the current bombing campaign of Syria.  It’s nothing new.

Aren’t you listening!?  Look what happened in France!

Aren’t you listening?  Look at how that didn’t happen here?  We are obviously doing something right somewhere.

What about the news that the biggest threat to the US is terrorist migration from Canada?

What of it?  It’s a land border and thus harder to defend, without erecting a wall.  The USA also shares a land border with Mexico, which is less of a risk because unwanted, illegal, aliens have caused a much more serious lockdown of that border by the US. 

Then put up a &%#*ing wa…

Don’t even.

I just think it’s a bad idea.

Of course you do, because seeing the possibility that you may be wrong is a perfect time to dogma your stance and take a swan dive into a pool of cognitive dissonance.

Open Letter to ISIL


We’ve killed your people.  You’ve killed our people.  In the process of doing that we’ve killed people that do not belong in our conflict.  We’ve destroyed homes, infrastructure and entire cities, things we all need to carry on.  I know you feel that we are infidels and don’t deserve anything but death and the judgement of your Allah.  However, you also need to understand that we don’t feel that you deserve the right to life either.  You want to kill us and send us to judgement, and we want to kill you and send you to hell.  Someplace between us is a solution that does not involve using primitive thinking and ideology, that does not involve using tools on each other only meant to destroy people and civilization.

I’m sure members of your group aren’t all jihad all the time.  I know you enjoy the same things we do; music, drink, fun and frolic.  I’m sure that there are many thoughts in your head that do not involve killing us.  We are the same way.  We do not think of killing you 24/7.  In fact, far more of us don’t want our governments to be involved militarily in affairs that are purely yours.  Most of us do not believe what our leaders tell us.  Although many of us – like you – want our brothers and sisters to return home, it is increasingly difficult to see a future where this is possible… but, we are still trying.  We are trying to retake control of our governments.  We see through their lies and propaganda and we know what our leaders really want in your area of the world.  But, you have to stop killing us, because when you do, you are killing those who want the same things you do along with those who don’t.

This bloodthirsty drive for war of attrition will only end in both of us losing.  That is the way of war.  I do realize that you feel that glory can only be achieved in this way.  Many of us feel that the only way to stop you from beheading people in arbitrary judgement, and slaughtering hundreds of people who only want to listen to music, is to bomb you out of existence.  Why do you not see that this is not getting us anywhere but oblivion?  Why do you not see that the only real solution, the only logical choice, is to put down the guns and pick up a phone and talk with us?  Talk with us, not to threaten us with more violence, but to tell us what you really want.  Let us work together to find a solution instead of against each other, because in more ways than you know, we are the same.

If you are unable to do this, we have no other choice than what we’ve already been doing.  I realize that you feel victory is guaranteed because of your love of Allah, but that isn’t how it really works.  By now you see that those of us with power can get to those of you with power.  You see that short term gains can quickly turn into long term disaster.  Perhaps, your Allah is telling you something?



No Fear


I wish to express my sincere condolences, love and support to the people of France and the families of those lost today.  What is there for me to say?  I have no words of wisdom, for wisdom requires understanding, and I cannot understand that this is a reality.  I do not get how such choices can be made by entities I can no longer call human.  Logic is as dismal a failure in providing clues.  No string of words and profanities could ever make me or anyone else feel any less affected by something well beyond tragedy.  I am sorry for such a great loss this day.  Whatever you do to deal with this please do not fear.




Latvian Hacker Contest

So, my friend in Latvia, again tried hacking into the Lemon today.  I cannot fathom what lame ego this person has that drives their desire to hack into the most unpopular blog in the history of unpopular blogs.  But, here we are with another IP address (  Anyway, I figured that if anyone is reading this stuff we can have a bit of fun with a Lemon contest.  Until the next hack attempt I’ll be accepting submissions, via the Facebook One Eyed Lemon community, as to the next Latvian IP address for the next attempt.  The one who is closest will have their name mentioned in the next chapter of Parallel Man to be posted after the next hack attempt.  It’s up to you to do the research to find the range of IP addresses available in Latvia and use that as a guide… or not it’s up to you.  Sounds like fun?  I dunno, maybe not, but at the very least maybe Mr/Mrs Latvia will thwart me by not trying again.  Hey… I can hope.


We Haven’t Forgotten

poppy-flowers-sunset-nature-imagesFor the last 10 years our government may have forgotten sacrifices you voluntarily made.  The rest of us have not, will not, forget that you stepped up to stand up for something you believed was right.  Even though you knew you may not come back home, you went anyway.  You put yourself at risk.  You stepped on that IED, tripped the wire, was shot, stabbed, beaten and many kinds of misfortune has befallen you.  You lost a foot, a leg, an arm, your sanity, family and even your life.  We may not believe in the reason you were sent, but we do believe in you and that your sacrifice was given from the heart.  For this we are grateful that you have done what many more of us could not, and would not.  You are heroes and this day is for you.


Quantum Teleportation Is Not Teleportation

Exactly right, Quantum Teleportation (QT) doesn’t teleport anything. The thing is people have been fooled into thinking that QT is actually teleportation when it is simply copying. Therefore, a less misleading term would be Quantum Copying. I’m sorry this blows all your hopes of seeing the future unfold now, before your eyes, but truth is truth and we all have to accept that.

First let’s make clear what teleportation is. It is the transporting of an object from point A to point B by breaking the object down to atoms, streaming those atoms through the intervening space and reconstructing the object at point B. This is the same teleportation that had been popularized by science fiction. Think of Star Trek.

Now that we’ve properly defined what it is, we can now look at why QT isn’t the same thing. You see QT utilizes quantum entanglement, a nifty little feature of quantum mechanics that is best described as a linking of properties of subatomic particles no matter how far away they are in relation to one another. Thus if I have an entangled pair whatever I do to one immediately affects the other and causes it to behave exactly the same way. So, if I were to change the spin of an electron here its entangled electron partner across the universe will change its spin to be the same. This is perhaps a great way to get a rover on Gliese 581b, but for a person we have a bit of a problem.

If you have two quantumly entangled people what happens to one will happen to the other. So, now we have to add extra steps to the procedure of the so-called teleportation. One will need to disentangle the pair the moment the duplicate is created, so that if one dies the other doesn’t also die. But now we have two of the same person. One would need to destroy the original, after disentangling them, to avoid any existential issues. Yet, that’s like making a xerox copy of your chore list and shredding the original chore list. The copy is not the original, never was and never will be. Both may possess the exact same information, but the lists would still be different lists. Of course we can just not destroy the original, but that is not really teleportation because it doesn’t fit the transportation aspect, the you remaining you throughout the whole process part. The copy of you would still not be the original you. They are still not the same. Or are they? Don’t we also have to at least entertain the idea that the two people are exact duplicates? Not really, because this in no way resolves this issue into real teleportation, because of that annoying lack of transit.

I think part of the problem is our hope to see the future, as presented in science fiction, become reality. Maybe it’s hope that the dystopian mess we live in today becomes the utopian ideal of tomorrow, and high technology like this is a sign of that hope. Maybe it’s a love of wonder. Whatever the reason is, that causes your hope of advanced technology in the world of today, you need to temper that hope – that wish of something better – with healthy skepticism. You need to also realize that advancements in technology usually aren’t instantaneous. It takes many small steps to reach any milestone, and a lot of perspiration to make each step.

Will we ever reach the teleportation milestone? Probably. Will it happen tomorrow? Probably not, but there is a non-zero, quantum probability that it might. Whether it takes years, decades or centuries we will get there. Generations alive today may never bear witness to such wonders. But, understand that each laborious step along the way is a wonder in itself, not to be diminished by our hope of bigger things. We are the platform of future hope and wonder. What we do today, however small it seems to you, is more important than the destination, because without the baby steps the destination can never be.