Ban Lifted: Facebook

facebook-banSo my communication ban is lifted and I have to say that I am personally glad that Facebook took this stand against well-meaning antagonism against some of the most despicable people on Earth… Trump supporters, AKA “Trumpeteers”. I am sorry Facebook, I learned my lesson. I am sorry for fighting against horrible people. I am sorry that you fail to follow your own policies and allow the far, mentally deficient, right to have a full voice, no matter how scathing, inflammatory and just plain murderous their comments are. I am sorry that I just don’t accept that I violated your policies, given the inconsistent manner in which you hand out punishment. I am sorry that your reporting feature is only intended to be used by the same mentally ill people that plague society. I am sorry that I reported many violations much more disturbing than the alleged infraction you claim I executed. I am sorry that I find your entire system a farce.

Sarcasm aside, I would like to report Facebook for serious violations of their own terms of service. I report Facebook for inciting hatred, promoting abuse and catering to the worst of humanity. I lay these charges with full realization that Facebook won’t like it. I lay these charges with full awareness that any racist, hatemonger can report this post and have it removed, while reports filed against people on the far right of the political spectrum, that threaten physical violence upon others, are never found in violation of the Facebook terms of use. It seems freedom of speech is only important when Trumpeteers violate them. Good job Facebook, you’ve made your point very clear.

Richard Rester

Regina Man Changes His Support of the Liberal Party to Conservative After Being Called “Libtard” on Facebook.

IMG00525-20110915-1055In a turn of events that can only be described as momentous a Regina man who long supported the Liberal Party of Canada is now a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada. The reason? He was called a “libtard” on the popular social media giant Facebook. The white male, age 52 and a blue collar worker, chooses to remain nameless due to the embarrassment that he admits is too much. “It’s just too much for me. I don’t want my entire family to be caught up in what is clearly my own failing.”

When asked what it was in the comment that convinced him to make the change he replied, “it was the word ‘libtard’.” The word is commonly used by conservative minded voters who commonly comment on news articles on Facebook and is a contraction of the two words “liberal” and “retard”. “Until then I had no idea that being less of a jackass and supporting social programs, Syrian refugees, honest and open dealing with the mining and oil industries was where I went wrong. It’s clear to me now… I was such a liberal retard it was sickening,” he states. When he was asked what his initial reaction was he responded matter-of-factly, “I vomited… a lot. I couldn’t eat for days. Now I know,” the man explained, while tearing up, “that being an ignorant, hateful, jerk is good and proper. I will never go back to being reasonable again.”

Richard Rester