Parallel man – Part 1 Prelude

 photo parallel man.jpg

I finally decided to stop editing Parallel Man 9.  When you get to the point where you’re repeatedly adding and removing the same commas, you’re done.  It looks good, but then I have to say that… because I made it.  The ultimate judge is everyone who tries to read the story, or listen to the audio version I’ll be starting.  One doesn’t really know how involved projects of this nature can be.  At least ten times more work goes into it than you see as a final product.  It’s a labour of love, I write because I must, and there is never a guarantee that a given creation would be liked or hated.  It’s a roll of the dice, really, but the gamble needs to be made.  During the writing of this story I’ve been trying to get away from certain writing habits, not the good ones either.  See if you catch any bloopers I missed.

Anyway, I am finished writing Parallel Man Part 1 – Prelude.  There are nine little chapterlets.  Enjoy by clicking here, the picture above or navigate from the main menu, right under the Lemon banner.