Eight Reasons and Rebuttals Re: Not Allowing Syrian Refugees Admission into Canada

That’s 25,000 jobs that will go to others while our people stand in the unemployment line.

That argument was never a good one from the beginning.  When new Canadians take on a job it is from the job base that usually always has openings.  These low-end jobs aren’t filled by a good number of us, which is why there are always openings.  Anyone of any skill level can do these jobs, while they work their way to whatever dream they may have.  

Our people are unemployed because of entirely different reasons that are irrelevant to this conversation.  Also, one of the best ways to grow an economy is to grow the population base.  As the 25,000 refugees get properly vetted and settled, a steady increase in the GDP will result, thus growing the economy and strengthening our country.

If just 1% of the 25,000 Syrians were terrorists that’s 250 potential terrorists that can get in.

Mathematics are, indeed, very useful… in most cases.  Sometimes math fails outright, like in the preceding argument.  Using pure math in a situation that requires a better-then-good measure of compassion is simply mad.  You wouldn’t find it fair if everyone in your line at the dance club wouldn’t be let in because one of you was ugly.  Right?

Those who use this argument are more likely ignoring the fact that we do have some pretty good screening.  There is no reason to assume that we wouldn’t be careful.  We’ve done this before.  Remember?  It was back before the Harper government… back before we, as members of NATO, and together with NATO, bombed the very homes of the 25,000 refugees some of us don’t want to let in.

If just one terrorist gets in they can do something very bad to us.

Again, we are pretty damned good at our screening.  If we weren’t, France-like attacks would be more common.  

They just threatened us!

Yes.  They’re always threatening us.  They’ve been threatening us ever since we dropped bombs on Iraq.  They threatened us through that whole occupation, through the second invasion of Iraq, through our presence in Afghanistan, through the air campaign on Libya, through the current bombing campaign of Syria.  It’s nothing new.

Aren’t you listening!?  Look what happened in France!

Aren’t you listening?  Look at how that didn’t happen here?  We are obviously doing something right somewhere.

What about the news that the biggest threat to the US is terrorist migration from Canada?

What of it?  It’s a land border and thus harder to defend, without erecting a wall.  The USA also shares a land border with Mexico, which is less of a risk because unwanted, illegal, aliens have caused a much more serious lockdown of that border by the US. 

Then put up a &%#*ing wa…

Don’t even.

I just think it’s a bad idea.

Of course you do, because seeing the possibility that you may be wrong is a perfect time to dogma your stance and take a swan dive into a pool of cognitive dissonance.