Off the Chest – You People

You people that keep attacking other people for appearing Muslim need to stop and take a close and brutal look at yourself.  You need to judge yourself by the same standards you are judging Muslims, Syrians and anyone darker of skin than yourself.  And yes, this is a racial issue, because the only people I have heard behaving so horribly are “white” people.  I have not heard that two Pakistani, Indian, Aboriginal or any other colour than your gifted pale beige, beating and spitting on people of colour.  You are doing this.  You are terrorizing people that have earned the right to live in this country.  You are treating people – that have been vetted, tested, pushed into debt the moment they got here, lived for the given number of years at less than minimum wage, doing jobs you don’t want and feel above, have put up with other racist, gifted, pale beige, knuckle-draggers – like complete and total feces.  You make the rest of us Canadians, those whose jaws drop when we hear what you do, feel less than Canadian ourselves; as if just associating ourselves with you by way of nation of residence makes us racists also… like we’re dirtied just by being Canadian.

I have recently been told how embarrassing I am for how I treat certain people online, how I soil my own name for showing the world what pathetic excuses for human beings some of you are.  But, you know something?  The person who, insensitively revealed this to me… is clearly wrong.  The only people that deserve the description of “embarrassing” are you people.  You regurgitate hate, false fact and idiocy, with the same zeal you profess to love a god of some form or another… or profess how proud you are to be Canadians.  You don’t bother to look over the fence to the other side, to see why we could possibly feel that you don’t even deserve the citizenship the rest of us hold so dear, that you don’t deserve to call yourselves “Canadian”.  You won’t bother, because there is some inner fear that the brutal, horror in which you treat those you unjustifiably hate will somehow show how brutally horrible you are.  No more facts.  Forget it, you won’t listen anyway, so I won’t waste my fingertips.  You aren’t Canadian, and I seriously doubt you know what it means to be one.  I am embarrassed to be in the same country as you, and I am embarrassed to have the same skin colour as you.  

I am more willing to befriend and help a person of darker skin… and that makes me more sad than you can imagine.  It makes me cry (literally) that I am starting to prejudge people who have the same colour of skin as I, that because of this I am feeling myself becoming racist too, but toward those whom you deem “your people”.  And I hate you for it.  I know hate is not the answer, but I feel it and have to admit it, because I do self-reflect, and I am emotionally and intellectually honest with myself, something you can never do.   You don’t even want to allow yourself to feel compassion for tens of thousands of people who would help you in a second if you were in their country of origin, people who would give you their last loaf of bread if you were hungry (and would go hungry themselves).  You don’t want to admit that any one of them (your words, not mine) are better human beings than you can ever be.

You are disgusting.  You are a monster.
Peace, for everyone but you