Since September 11, 2001

It’s not about the Muslims. It’s never been about the Muslims. It’s not even about terrorists, either. It’s about excuses that give permission to corporations, corporations that contract out their own military to the government, to move in and take valuable resources (in this case oil) from those nations. Have you not noticed that every administration has their own war, for their own corporations (republican corporations or democrat corporations) and only in countries that have a valuable resource (in this case oil rich nations)?

Did you not even try to wonder why it is that ISIL exists in the first place? Did you keep yourself blind to the fact that when the US “pulled out” of Iraq that they left behind military hardware, into which ISIL somehow came into possession? Why does this not seem very odd to you?

Okay, did you honestly not realize that the US government uses, non government, military contractors in Middle East nations? That’s what “contractors” actually means, my friends. Did you know that “military contractors” is simply a longer way to say “mercenary”? Well, it is. Now that you know that little truth, that seems to skip by every single news agency (including the “good” ones), you can pretty much deduce that when the US says it is “pulling out” their troops from a foreign nation, they are actually NOT pulling out the mercenaries they hired. Those “corporate” troops get to stay and work for the best interest of, not the American people, not the nations that have been suffering the effects of ISIL, but for US corporations that are only interested in increasing their capital? Did you also not realize that the profit they make NEVER “trickles down” to the people, for the people… and is never handled by the people?

Did you not know that it doesn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative, LGBT or hetero, white/black/hispanic/asian etc., you are still suffering from corporatism? If you have to work 9-5 – and often 7 days a week, just to survive – did you not realize that YOU are not profiting from these wars? You are being used. If you hate Muslims it is because you have been fooled into patterns of thought that misdirects your rage (often invented and not true) toward other people who find these wars – and the hate that is manufactured to support them – despicable?

Conflict is manufactured, for the monetary gain of a few people. It doesn’t matter if you hate or like Muslims or any other ethnic group, because as long as you are busy fighting those who are not in control, you are NOT fighting those who are guilty of the real crimes perpetrated against human beings all over the world every day. As long as white fights against black, poor against poorer, this situation can NEVER be solved. Wake the hell up!