We Haven’t Forgotten

poppy-flowers-sunset-nature-imagesFor the last 10 years our government may have forgotten sacrifices you voluntarily made.  The rest of us have not, will not, forget that you stepped up to stand up for something you believed was right.  Even though you knew you may not come back home, you went anyway.  You put yourself at risk.  You stepped on that IED, tripped the wire, was shot, stabbed, beaten and many kinds of misfortune has befallen you.  You lost a foot, a leg, an arm, your sanity, family and even your life.  We may not believe in the reason you were sent, but we do believe in you and that your sacrifice was given from the heart.  For this we are grateful that you have done what many more of us could not, and would not.  You are heroes and this day is for you.