the Saskatchewan Government is Racist to the Core

Remains of another 200 children found in mass grave at THIRD Canada school after 1,000 bodies ...

I included Trudeau only because I know that just the look of him triggers racist dicks.

Canada has an anti-racism toolkit that is funded by the federal government. All the other provinces adopted the tool kit in their education systems with British Columbia adopting it heartily. Even Alberta, a habitually racist province, adopted it without complaining. Except Saskatchewan. Let that sink in a bit, as many of the native children were harvested by Saskatchewan and murdered by Saskatchewan. So, let’s be fair and go over their reasoning.

“high quality, free from bias as reasonably possible”

Exactly what kind of high quality are you really looking for, Sask? This is a toolkit that was researched and developed because we have a racism problem in Canada. I lived in Saskatchewan for nearly 2 decades and the number of times I heard racial slurs was appalling.

Protesters march through downtown Regina | CTV News

I include this one because I volunteered for the RCMP Training Office in Regina. They are not trained to do this to people. It is a culture that is adopted after the RCMP officer is released into the wild. I also know that guy in the top right. He’s a cool dude.

“appropriate and significant Saskatchewan context.”

Okay, let’s do this in context. 761 dead native children found in Southern Saskatchewan, and the RCMP regular practice of driving native people out on “starlight tours” and dropping them off in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan winter. Many of them died. There. Is that mentioning Saskatchewan enough “appropriate and significant Saskatchewan context” for you? Or were you really looking to have your province’s record of racial murder ignored and hidden from future generations that you hope to mould into little racists? Or is this because you feel you’re being put in a negative light? Is that uncomfortable for you? Good!

The only reason the Saskatchewan government doesn’t want to adopt anti-racism education in school is because the Saskatchewan government is racist… in context.

Peace Rex