Regarding Personal Views


Let me lead-in by stating right off the bat that the One Eyed Lemon is NOT a news source.  The Lemon expresses concerns, musings, ideas that drop out of Richard Rester’s head.  You, as a follower, reader, occasional viewer of Lemon material, aren’t required to believe what I write.  You are allowed to be entertained if you are, engage the Lemon in dialogue if you wish and generally do whatever you want.  Seriously how can I stop you?  

You don’t even need to understand what I write if you choose not to.  I put my material out there for me first, just because it suits me.  Of course I will express the truth I see logically.  When I see questionable truth, or lazy thinking, I may address the issue sternly, comically or just matter-of-factly.  I may or may not write about what you feel is more important and you may, on occasion, feel insulted.  Generally, if you do feel this way it is likely because you may see yourself as the subject of Lemon ridicule.  Such feelings, though unfortunate, are a clue to you that self reflection may be required on your part.  You may choose to alter your beliefs, or not, and either choice is fine.  The Lemon is not here to satisfy anyone’s ego, it just is.  So, if one is embarrassed, insulted or otherwise incensed by and with my expression of views and opinions it’s purely a personal choice on the part of that person.

Recently the lemon has become more activist.  Given the state the nation is in – due to those who were in control of it – I felt it necessary to do so.  You aren’t required to read, listen, watch or agree with what is expressed here, and I don’t apologize for anything previously posted.  In fact, more often you won’t agree with my political views, and again, that’s fine.  But now that the election is over it is time for the Lemon to return to a less political platform.  I’ll still be watching what’s going on, however.  

I am one of those rare people who is in a constant state of self reflection and reassessment.  I’ve learned to be this way because I have always been told I was wrong.  After decades of constant exposure to the possibility it is now a part of who I am.  However, over the last score of years I have found that my logic is very sound most of the time.  In a world where so many people get things so far from correct I see myself as one of the only true sensible people left.  So, if the question have you considered that you may be wrong ever comes to mind, the answer is yes.  And I would sternly reply, have you?  It seems to me that everyone expects others to adjust their views and self reflect while they themselves never have to.

In light of all the above I have to suggest that you try questioning yourself more.  Look into yourself from outside yourself.  Look for those opinions you’ve held as absolute truth and try to understand how they came to be.  Take your ego and lock it away for awhile because that illogical aspect of self is only going to get in the way and mislead you.  Pull your head out of the dirt, out of your rear, because that is the only way you can ever be honest with yourself.  Because if you cannot do this, if you cannot be honest with yourself… then you cannot be honest with others.
As always, peace…