Parallel Man 2 – Alternate Problem

Parallel Man 2

By. Richard Rester

Copyright March 20, 2015

Alternate Problem

Kaylyn, or rather her alternate self, Kay, stood by a swingset in the strange park for a long moment, confused.  She remembered that she still held in her gloved hand the glock she used to shoot Anders.  The dipshit went for the gun and was now dying on the ground, at her feet, his blood leaking out from around the hand clutched to his chest.  Blood disappeared down his sides and into the gravel under him.  He tried to speak again, to tell her something, but all he could get out was a cough of blood.  Within seconds he was dead.  Kay pulled her ankle from his grasp, and desperately looked for a direction to run.  The redhead had to get out of sight before someone saw her.  All she knew was that she had to get as far away from the park as possible.  The untraceable gun was tossed on the ground before Kay sprinted out of the park and into a connected alley way.  

Quick walking the better part of a half hour convinced the killer redhead that she could relax and assess her situation.  The contract was honoured, Anders was dead and the secret with him.  Now all she needed was to find out where she was.  All she knew was that she was in an open field meeting with Anders, pretending to help him deliver evidence against Ernest Dagle.  She posed as an FBI agent to secure that evidence, kill Anders and leave the gun with the body as a message.  It was a few seconds after the shot rang out that the girl realized that she was in an unknown park, with the dying man, holding the weapon that killed him.

Kay reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out the blue flash drive as she walked.  She fingered it for a few seconds.  So many, so called, good people died to get this information to the authorities.  Now, instead of dead heroes, they were simply dead.  She held the hopes of so many in her hand it made her feel powerful.  However, there were other commitments.  Now that she had the drive she would reset the terms of her deal with Dagle.  That drive had evidence that would lead to convictions of grand larceny, extortion, fraud, as well as suspicion of connections with the Mob.

The girl grinned.  Goddammit, you just can’t buy a good feeling like this.  Then she giggled and shoved it back into her pocket.  But, you can sure as hell kill for it.  How high will you go, Dagle?  How much will you pay for the only thing that can end you?