Open Letter to Shitty People – Part One: To My Racist Friend/Relative/Acquaintance

I’m not going to use your name. I’m not even going to give a clue to others how I know you. However, when you do recognize that I am talking to you, also realize my attempt to keep your identity, and thus the horrible nature of your personality, secret from others knowing exactly how bad of a person you really are. Also realize how terribly disappointed in you I am.

One would think that at some point in your adult life you would have learned some semblance of humanity, especially since you had seen and been through so much of the exact same vitriolic hatred that you so proudly display.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? I don’t know or care to speculate, politically.  I’m more concerned about the failure of basic moral reasoning. What it is that really drives someone to accuse an entire ethnic group of people that they’re “filthy”, “stink”, and are “diseased”? What happens that makes an otherwise reasonable human being become so ignorant and disrespectful for entire populations of other human beings? I would joke and say that so-and-so isn’t racist, so-and-so hates everyone equally.

But that’s not true either, is it? Because you do have your favourites, you announce them with the same hubris you use on those you hate. I can only guess that it’s because you honestly feel that it exonerates you from the dirty, stinking and diseased opinions you have of the others. You ought to reasonably know that it doesn’t actually work that way. Hating someone for no other reason but ethnic background is still discrimination, it is still racism and it is still absolutely wrong no matter how many others you chose to like to make up for it. That’s an egg that cannot be un-boiled.

It’s not even that you don’t know better. You absolutely know that what you are doing is wrong on the most fundamentally moral level. It’s not that you’re stupid either. That you have set up such an elaborate web of cultural biases is a testament to your intellect.

It’s not just wasted effort, either.  It’s the fact that you know you’re charging at windmills that is most concerning.  There were times that I regarded you with high respect for what you have actually accomplished. Now I find it difficult feeling anything but disgust. I’m not sorry to say this, but you’re simply a morally inferior being… and I think you may know that too.