Who Knew We Would Be Oppressed

“There is a growing, highly organized and well-financed, anti-Canadian petroleum movement, that consists of peaceful activists, militants and violent extremists, who are opposed to society’s reliance on fossil fuels.”

“Research and analysis done in support of ongoing RCMP criminal investigations shows these involved in the anti-Canadian petroleum movement have an interest in drawing public attention to, and in building recognition of, the perceived environmental threat from the continued use of fossil fuels.”

“Within the anti-petroleum environmental movement, the law enforcement and security intelligence communities have detected a small, but violent-prone faction that has the intent and demonstrated capability to engage in criminal activity to attempt to shut down the Canadian petroleum industry.”  

The Globe and Mail Feb 17, 2015


We are in this country together.  We work together, live together, fight together, vote together and fret together.  Regardless of what has happened to our nation while under the direction of a wannabe tyrant, we are all Canadians.  Nearly all of us agree that the our current government must go.  We agree that he has turned our country into one that hates everything but rich people and companies that support the twisted goals of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  

The One Eyed Lemon stands with all you people who now fear the government and what they can now do to anyone they hate.  The Lemon won’t be quiet, won’t be subdued until this nightmare we call the current state of our nation is returned to some semblance of our past glory.  And what I mean by glory is the true multicultural, mosaic people we once were, a people that used to take pride in our social advancement that used to be the envy of many, a people that used to take pride in our national police (RCMP), and a people that used to be comfortable knowing that once Canadian you were CANADIAN.  

We must be careful that in our enthusiasm we do not repeat the mistakes that elected this tyrant into office.  Be sure that our votes are not going to simply continue the same divisive mindset we have seen with the CPC under some other party.  Be sure that the lies we read and hear in the media are known as lies.  

I won’t tell you how to vote.  I won’t even tell you how to think.  But I will remind you all that the collective we are at fault for allowing this Prime Minister, this tyrant, this nation destroying man to do exactly as he has done.  He warned us all that we would not recognize Canada when he was finished.  He isn’t finished, but we already do not recognize it.  

Canada used to be a nation of peace, now we are one of war.  We used to be a nation that supported multicultural ideals, now we are one that makes enemies of other cultures.  We drop bombs on others, accuse them of being terrorists without any more than a whim, pass laws that can bypass civil rights, give ownership of environmentally damaging resources to one of the most notorious countries on earth for environmental impact (China), and treat our own native populations as non humans.  We push jurisdiction, bully, hate, steal, destroy and violate the very fabric that made us special.

In all this, PM S. Harper is not solely to blame.  Our apathy has helped him, we are also to blame, for we gave this man a majority government and permission to do exactly as he did.  Toss your partisanism in the garbage, pull your heads out of the ground of voter apathy, look at what has come to pass and never forget what we did.  Most importantly, let’s educate ourselves like never before and do our concerted best to never allow this to happen again.