One Eyed Lemon is the persona of ordinary creator/writer/journalist/cartoonist/realist/scientist/humanist, Richard Rester.

Typical Copyright:
© 2015 One Eyed Lemon

All Written Content (unless otherwise indicated) © 2015 One Eyed Lemon
Contents by Richard Rester © 2015 One Eyed Lemon, All Rights Reserved
All original works posted on the Facebook One Eyed Lemon blog and the One Eyed Lemon website (oneeyedlemon.com) are creations by Richard Rester and are clearly marked as such. Unless otherwise marked or credit has been given to another creator – in whole or in part – for any work presented under the One eyed Lemon blog or website is considered Public Domain by One Eyed Lemon/Richard Rester-Meic.
Because I have pissed on everything I expect my “by Rester” mark will be left in all my visual works and otherwise credit be given for the work I have produced for everyone’s enjoyment. 

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