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I'm Blazius Rex. Don't ask me how I came up with that... I was baked. I'm blunt and to the point, I pull no punches and if you play straight with me, I'll play straight with you.

War Is For Morons


Russia in Ukraine

You take an empty jar off of the shelf and bring it to a machine that is hooked up to a man. Tubes run from his arms, legs, and neck to the machine. You place the jar into a receptacle and turn the machine on. Blood instantly runs through the tubes and into the machine. The jar starts filling up after a moment. When full the machine is turned off and you screw a lid on the jar and place it among many others on a different shelf. Those are full also. You take another empty jar and repeat the process. This is going to be Ukraine after the war. The role of you? Well that’s going to be played by NATO members.

Oh look another big war. Only this time the Russians gave themselves permission. To be honest, the amount of money, that the US and other NATO countries are going to make on lend-lease contracts with Ukraine for military hardware, is already mind-boggling. Oh, sorry, did you honestly feel that they were doing it for free? No, they’re going to be sucking on the Ukraine economic teat after the war for decades. Ukrainians will be rid of one murderous nation only to embrace others.

Yes, Ukraine deserves to defend itself against aggression and obviously the help they get shouldn’t be absolutely free. However, when this is over, and the rebuilding begins, you will see major westernisation of Ukraine to the point where western corporations will operate in Ukrainian with regulatory freedom. That is how contracts and business works. You see someone in dire straights, offer help that they can’t refuse, and force them to agree to a contract designed to bleed them of wealth.

This is why I led-in with the horror scene. For some reason no one is daring to think about that reality. No, I am not backing up Russia. If you know me you know that it’s impossible to think of that government with anything but thorough contempt. But, for some reason we are completely forgetting/ignoring the oil wars the US & NATO have started, or responded to, that are still being bled by western capitalism.

Don’t get me wrong, Russia doesn’t get to bitch about that. In my opinion the moment you choose violence over dialogue you lose any right to voice. And it doesn’t matter that one of the reasons expressed is perfectly frakking valid. I would have sided with Russia if they hadn’t invaded Ukraine and decided to open dialogue about the real issue of capitalism destroying world wealth. Well, that’s where I stand on Russia. I’ve also expressed my opinions on the US’s tool, NATO so I don’t need to repeat.

Siphoning money from sovereign nations is very much like my opening. Only the blood that is flowing is not being collected and placed on a shelf… it’s soaking Ukrainian ground and fills bank accounts with manifest self interest.