Ditch Harper Day

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It’s Ditch Harper Day.  Also known as V-Day, DH-Day and Get That Lousy Excuse for a Human Being out of the Big Office Day.  Okay, I made all those up.  But what isn’t made up is the damage Harper has done to our country, and how much more damage he can do if he manages to get in again.  We’ve had this asshole screwing us for nearly 10 years.  I’m not talking to those who will vote CPC anyway, you’re all idiots and a lost cause.  I’m talking to those those of you who have yet to decide who else to vote fore.  Be smart and find out who else has the best chance in winning your riding and vote for that bloke.  It doesn’t matter if you have misgivings about whoever that may be. Because if you’ve been paying attention you already know that you should have misgivings about any politician.  Let’s do this together for a better Canada.  Like the leader of the Yangs said in Star Trek TOS, “what was ours, is ours again”.  Yes a Star Trek Reference, that’s right.