Sick of Films

same cycled infititelyI am. I’m tired of seeing Batman, Batman vs Superman, Batman vs Spiderman. I’m especially sick of seeing Batman origin movies popping up every damned year. I’m pretty tired of all superheroes. I want a good sci fi film, but not Star Wars or Star Trek. I want to see something new, fresh and uncopied, underived, unstolen. I don’t want to see anymore unimaginative bullshit modern filmmakers call new. I’m tired of seeing new versions of old crap done over and over again. I want new stories from someone’s imagination, not redos, reboots, revisits, sequels, prequels or anything that even has a hint of what’s been done already. I’m also tired of time travel, terminators, transformers and large fracking robots of all kinds. I want an idea that hasn’t even been inspired by anything going on today. I don’t want to see doomsday garbage anymore and I especially don’t want to see anymore fracking zombies, vampires, invading aliens or any of the modern viral apocalypse scenarios in pop culture today. I also don’t want to see stupid martial arts, with people performing moves that are impossible in the real world. I don’t want to see mysticism, magic or films based on religious scripture. I don’t want to see anymore bloody war movies and I definitely do not want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger anymore inside or outside a damned tank.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I can move forward. Isn’t anyone else tired of the same things repeatedly passed off as a new when they most certainly are not? Are writers lazy, or do producers simply have their heads shoved up their money-entitled butts? Yes, there are new ideas out there, but they’re very rare. I’m not convinced that everything that can be thought has been. In a universe as unimaginably immense as ours you would think that there would be no limit to what we can imagine. Years ago I watched a film called “Franklin”. It was a European movie that was quite a mind screw. I cannot describe it, and even if I could I would never do it justice. I just saw another one called “Tomorrow Land” and it was quite enjoyable and kinda new. But these only tease my mind, I want more, crave more and deserve more and so do you.

Here’s a novel idea… how about a movie based on an alien race without any damned humans in it. The aliens can’t be bipedal either. In fact, screw limbs entirely. Show me a way of life so alien to anything we’ve ever experienced on this Earth, and a form of reproduction that doesn’t involve anything we’ve ever seen or imagined before. Show me something that will truly blow my mind and open my eyes to something I never even dreamed was possible. Take me to a world far from here, show me creatures that push my mind beyond sanity. Make me a film so cool, so not done before that it will keep me awake all night because I can’t stop thinking about it. Make me say “woah” and sit there in awe with my mouth hanging open.

That’s what I want.