Clopsy, Flopsy, Plopsy and Tool

This is a story about the four characters playing very prominently in our government’s electoral system and the general public.  

Clopsy was the boss of Flopsy, Plopsy and Tool.  Clopsy was a mean boss and kept telling Flopsy, Plopsy and Tool to do things that were very bad.  But Flopsy was too afraid to challenge Clopsy and this made Plopsy so sad.  Tool was just not smart enough to understand that Clopsy was a tyrant and an ass and kept defending Clopsy.  One day Plopsy was feeling so weak Plopsy fell to the ground.  Clopsy kept telling Plopsy to get up, and kicked Plopsy down every time Plopsy tried.  Flopsy and tool realized that Clopsy was bad, but were still far too afraid to do anything.  Clopsy felt like a big shot and kept kicking Plopsy until it was so fun that Clopsy started kicking Flopsy and Tool.  Clopsy even kicked Mom&Dad.  Mom&Dad were very cross with Clopsy, and told Clopsy to stop being such a brat or Mom&Dad would never leave Clopsy in charge again.  Clopsy said “but, Mom&Dad I did everything right and everything is a-okay!” but Mom&Dad stopped listening.

During this election, remember what Clopsy did.