Latvian Hacker Contest

So, my friend in Latvia, again tried hacking into the Lemon today.  I cannot fathom what lame ego this person has that drives their desire to hack into the most unpopular blog in the history of unpopular blogs.  But, here we are with another IP address (  Anyway, I figured that if anyone is reading this stuff we can have a bit of fun with a Lemon contest.  Until the next hack attempt I’ll be accepting submissions, via the Facebook One Eyed Lemon community, as to the next Latvian IP address for the next attempt.  The one who is closest will have their name mentioned in the next chapter of Parallel Man to be posted after the next hack attempt.  It’s up to you to do the research to find the range of IP addresses available in Latvia and use that as a guide… or not it’s up to you.  Sounds like fun?  I dunno, maybe not, but at the very least maybe Mr/Mrs Latvia will thwart me by not trying again.  Hey… I can hope.