What Really Screws with My Head

Hubble "Most Important Picture Ever Taken" photo HubbleUltraDeepFieldImage.jpg

Don’t get me wrong I understand that it is, what it is.  What I mean by screws with my head is that it’s the kind of thing that grabs my attention in both hands and forces me to look because I tend to ignore it.  But I do know what it is.  It’s not the fact that there is light that has been in transit, non-stop for 13.6 billion years, and will be for 13.6 billion years more.  I can handle that.  Nor is it knowing that there is light that originated so far away that we will never see it in our lifetimes.  That isn’t a big deal for me either.  It’s not even that there are places in the universe so remote that they will forever be untouchable.  It’s a doozy, I admit, but not what does it for me.  It’s not even that light from there is being carried away, by accelerating space, faster than the speed of those photons.  That almost does it, but still falling a little short.  What really gets me, what really makes me pause, is that someone that far away looks around their universe and sees everything the exact same way I do.