Open Letter to Shitty People: Part Two – To My Climate Denying Friend/Relative/Acquaintance

I’m not going to use your name. I’m not even going to give a clue to others how I know you. However, when you do recognize that I am talking to you, also realize my attempt to keep your identity, and thus the horrible nature of your personality, secret from others knowing exactly how bad of a person you really are. Also realize how terribly disappointed in you I am.

One would think that at some point in your adult life you would have learned that simply denying the existence of a problem does not make it cease to exist. It will sneak up from behind and tear off a sizable chunk of your ass. Nor is it appropriate to discount the obvious, those things I don’t need to mention because they’re bloody obvious. I don’t know, maybe you’re just eeking out the rest of your life in blissful ignorance of them because you don’t want to think about it.

However, you keep bringing up the topics. The obvious answer is that you do want to think about it. You keep thinking about it and talking about it until you rage about it. It’s partially about the rage, though. You love to rage, it feels good and in the end you have the feeling of triumph. But that feeling of disappointment creeps in, because even though you tell me exactly how wrong and stupid I am I still “don’t understand”.

It does astound me that someone as “highly educated” as yourself still doesn’t accept reality. In fact, I question your true motivations. Is the evidence uncomfortable and it’s just easier to crap all over anything that threatens your artificial comfort zone, or are you deliberately being an asshole? Yes, that last word was necessary. It expresses exactly the kind of person you would be if you were doing all this on purpose.

The pleasantries boat already sailed a long time ago when you shifted to badly hidden insults and lies to wallpaper over the gaping holes of your philosophy. Suck it up or not, the facts – or all the consequences of ignoring them – don’t care whether or not you believe them. I don’t care either.