Stupid People

Stupid people getting you down, making you angry, pissing you off?  Do you feel that just the presence of someone stupid infuriates you?  Do you find that no matter what you do you are always surrounded by stupid people and all they ever do is piss you off, like it’s some kind of conspiracy?  Well, I’m about to explain a few things that you won’t listen to.  Why?  Hope.  So, listen  up… if you’re still capable and not firmly entrenched in your current mindset.  You know, the one where you are the most important person on the planet?  

Here’s the real problem.  It has nothing to do with how uncontrollably stupid everyone else is.  It has less to do with how their stupidity affects you and more about you letting your own feelings of superiority fool you into reaching the conclusion that you really are the smartest person on the planet.  Sorry to break the news… you’re not.  You aren’t even in the top 1 billion.  I know, it’s hard to believe that you really don’t have your finger on the pulse of the intelligence of the entire human race.  But, if you are still reading this you are either a sucker for abuse (because I’m not done yet), or you are starting to realize I may have something valuable in the end, something that can make you laugh and/or feel even more superior.  More breaking bad news, not gonna happen.  

Still with me?  Wow, impressive.  Here’s the thing – I’ve seen three memes, by three different people, on three consecutive days, expressing the conviction that you (the collective you) don’t have to control your anger if stupid people won’t control their stupidity, or bring the asshole out, or any of the other excuses you use to be an asshole to other people.  This is just you reasoning out the onus that is on you to not be an asshole.  You use actions you deem stupid to condemn strangers you don’t even know.  I’ve mentioned this in a past post, but, you don’t realize how many stupid things you do that you filter out by way of cognitive dissonance.  That said, you also don’t know that stupid person, who did that stupid thing, and have no clue how many smart things he/she did.  You know nothing about them.

Stupid people make judgements based on minimal to no information.  But… that’s exactly what you do.  There we are.  Now you feel insulted by my words.  This is only because you now see the truth and your poor superior brain can’t deal with it.  If you are still with me, that hope I mentioned earlier has been validated.

Listen, there are almost 8 billion people on Earth.  You are always going to have a full range of intelligences no matter where you go.  How many people out of that 8 billion do you really know?  Several, if you’re lucky, usually less.  Last flash of news to leave you to think about: everyone does stupid things… yes, even you.  There is no reason to be an assole.  You are because you like it, and that makes you far less than superior.