What is passion?

Dictionary.com describes it as a strong, barely controllable emotion.  But, more specifically, what is a passion?  I’m talking about those things you do that makes you happy, satisfied, accomplished, successful.  These are the things you do whether you’re good at them or not.  You do them because there is this inner drive, buried deep within your personality, that keeps nagging at you until you give in and put everything else on hold.  You do them because you simply can’t stand not doing them.  You do these things, these projects, these activities, most others care nothing for, because for some reason it just feels right, natural.  You do them in spite of ridicule, in opposition to better judgement, and even when it’s supposed to be at the very bottom of your priority list.  You make time by putting off your housecleaning, yard work, that oil change you were supposed to do last week, but didn’t because you had an inspiration, dropped everything and just lost yourself to whatever it was.  Once in a while you may think that maybe you’re wasting time better used doing something important.  Then you shake your head and laugh because just the thought of giving it up is laughable… and what the hell could be more important, anyway?  Passion is that twitch that grows to overwhelming desire.  It is the one thing that makes us lose ourselves for hours at a time, until we look up at the clock and curse, “crap, I’m an hour late to pick up my son from soccer practice”.  A passion is a drive you can barely control, but don’t want to anyway.  You can barely understand why you have the need for it, but you do and that is all that’s important.  A passion is an addiction to an idea, activity or shameless pleasure.  Whatever your passion is one thing is certain, it is the purest expression of your soul and you can’t live without it.